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Duty to take general fire precautions
Principles of prevention to be applied
Workplace fire safety arrangements
Elimination or reduction of risks from dangerous substances
Fire-fighting and fire detection arrangements
Emergency routes and exits a for safe means of escape
Procedures for serious and imminent danger or danger areas
Additional emergency measures  for dangerous substances
Safety assistance / Maintenance / Training / Instruction
Provision of information to employees (including subcontractors)
Workplace communications in shared premises

Fire Service College trained assessor using approved techniques
Statutory law from 1st Oct 2006 - Statutory instrument 2005 No. 541
Budget £200 Fire Safety Assessments for non-hazardous areas
Call for a quote - normally £100 per workspace / per floor / per activity
Fire Safety Risk Assessments (from £200/day)

As an employer, you are the responsible person to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Your IREMS Fire Risk Assessment will evaluate:
Compulsory for all non domestic properties and  workplace premises
From £200 for low hazard areas