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Health & Safety Risk Assessments (from £200/day)

Every employer needs to have made a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of their work activities according to:
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (No. 3242)
The risk to employees and any other person who maybe affected by your work activities needs to be considered.
If 5 or more people are employed, those results need to be recorded.
Whether you need simple workplace risk assessments for manual handling, electrical safety, VDU screens, trips and falls, or a fully documented risk management system put in place - we can help.
Noise measurements tested to the new 2005 limits of 80dB(A) - 85dB(A)
HARM vibration test service is available pending customer requirements  Call for info about power tool exposure limit calculations.
Compulsory for workplaces 
and all activities (From £200)
Nebosh certified assessor